Anisa (Special Episode)

It happened on Anisas Birthday in 1992. The first attack in Mostar, her hometown, happened to be on that day. And the family flew to Croatia. But after the former allies (BiH and Croatia) started to fight against each other, Croatia couldn’t provide a safe home anymore. The years of her puberty did the family spend in Sweden. But Anisa wanted to go back. Built up the destroyed Mostar and return to the place where she belongs to. Fighting against narratives, against corruption, against boarders in the minds of people and religious differences.

One special episode about one of thousand Balkan stories.



Anisa in her workplace. It’s not very nice there.

Das famose Stück aus dem Jingle heißt “April” (CC BY-NC 3.0 DE) und stammt aus der Feder von Frithjof Brauer. Das Coverbild wurde von Mortiz Kathe gestaltet.

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